04 October, 2023

Motorola celebrates 95 years of existence

Motorola celebrates 95 years of existence

Motorola celebrates its 95th anniversary this month. From pivotal moments like Earth-Moon communication to reinventing a fashion icon through its diverse product line, Motorola reflects on past successes that shaped the world, but also shares its future visions that will revolutionize the field of telecommunications.

Ever since 1928, Motorola has been at the forefront of technological innovation. One of the most significant moments of the past decades was the use of Motorola radio equipment during the Apollo 11 mission, enabling communication between the Earth and the Moon.

Just a few years later, Martin Cooper, former vice president of Motorola and director of its development and research center, made the first cell phone call in New York. That call was the first step towards the global possibility of communication from anywhere at any time. These inventions shaped the world as we know it today.

Source: Motorola news

At the beginning of 2000, the Motorola razr V3 was born, redefining the design of mobile phones. With its vibrant colors, foldable design and slim body, the razr V3 quickly became a fashion icon around the world.

In 2019, Motorola recognized users' need for high-speed internet, introducing the z3 with 5G Moto Mode - the first commercially available phone with 5G connectivity. Since then, Motorola has focused on democratizing 5G technology within its g series, remaining committed to research and innovation in all its models.

While Motorola celebrates its past, the company remains focused on the present and the future. Their global growth, especially with premium products and B2B strategy, shows that the outlook for the future is already paying off.

This achievement rests on Lenovo brands such as ThinkPad laptops, premium Yoga PCs and Lenovo Legion gaming PCs. Sergio Buniac, president of Motorola, said: "At Motorola, we are changing the market with our premium devices and innovative features. We plan to double our business over the next three years, providing customers with more innovation."

Motorola is committed to expanding into new markets, strengthening synergies with Lenovo products, and exploring new ways to enhance its brand and connect with customers. It will also continue to bring innovation to the market through AI technology research, new forms of devices with bendable screens and better connectivity of different devices according to user needs. With this strategy, Motorola is ready for the next 95 years.

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