Maintenance of computer systems and security


Service of Computers and Laptops

We offer all services related to hardware and software, including repair and replacement of parts, installation and reinstallation of systems and programs, computer maintenance and fault diagnosis. Service professionals use the latest technology and tools to provide the best service to clients. Regular computer maintenance is important for long-term and reliable functioning.

Service Network

We offer network installation, configuration and commissioning services. Our experts use the latest technology and tools to provide quality service to clients. Whether it's a small or large business system, our team will install a network that fits your needs. After installation, we adjust the network to achieve optimal performance. Finally, we test and commission the network so that it is ready for use. For all your needs related to the installation and setup of networks, contact our service.

Printer Service

We provide repairs, maintenance, consumables sales and printer diagnostics. Our experts are trained to solve any problem related to printers, be it laser, inkjet or multifunction printers. In addition, we also offer the sale of consumables such as toners, cartridges, drums and rollers. Regular printer maintenance is important to reduce repair costs and extend the life of the printer. Our diagnostics quickly and accurately find the cause of the problem, so that the printer can be repaired in the shortest possible time. For all your printer service and maintenance needs, contact our team of experts.

In addition to servicing, we also offer

Technical support

We also offer technical support for our clients. Our team is ready to help solve technical problems and answer all your questions. With our support, you can be sure that your systems and devices will work optimally.


We offer a comprehensive range of IT services, which includes the service and sale of computers, laptops, networks, printers and other devices, with the possibility of purchasing components such as processors, graphics cards, hard drives and RAM memories.

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