Technical security

Secure your home or business premises


Video surveillance

Video surveillance is a technology that is increasingly used in various spheres of society, from public institutions and business facilities to private homes. Video surveillance has become a necessary tool to improve security in many situations.

Access control

Access control is a system used to restrict access to specific locations, information or resources. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including using passwords, touch authentication, two-factor authentication, security tokens, or other authentication methods.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are systems used to detect unwanted events and warn people in the event of such events. These systems can be used in different types of buildings, such as houses, business premises, shops and other public institutions.

In addition to installation and servicing, we also offer

Risk assessment

The act on risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business has the task of recognizing any threat to people, property and business processes...


Designing a technical protection system is a creative iterative process of translating a problem into its solution. It starts with the "Risk Assessment Act"...


We offer video surveillance systems, alarm and fire alarm systems, access control and working time records...

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